All About Dry Ice

What is Dry Ice, what is it used for, and what are Pellets, Nuggets, Blocks, and Slices?

Process & Handling

How is high-quality, high-density dry ice produced, shipped, stored and handled?

Cold Jet Dry Ice

Cold Jet's dry ice manufacturing technology offers the greatest level of reliability and the highest density extruded dry ice.

Making vs Buying

Have you considered the possibility that you could be saving yourself time and money by making your own dry ice?

Dry Ice for Cleaning/Blasting

Dry ice blasting is similar to media blasting (sand, plastic bead, soda) where an accelerated medium is used to remove a contaminate (undesirable item) from the underlying substrate (surface). Where dry ice blasting differs is that the media (dry ice) sublimates (i.e. goes from solid to gas and disappears) and does not add waste to the clean-up effort.  
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Dry Ice for Packaging and Distribution

Dry ice is most commonly used to preserve food or highly perishable goods. It is frequently used to package items that need to remain cold or frozen without the presence of a mechanical cooler. Dry ice slabs/slices are predominantly used by airline caterers, pellets for smaller packages traveling shorter distances, and nuggets to ship larger packages over longer distances.  
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Dry Ice for Processing and Manufacturing

Dry ice is an intrinsic component of many commercial and complex applications, as it improves food safety, enables advanced composite manufacturing, and ensures product quality. Dry ice is also a yeast retardant, bacteriostatic and fungiostatic, and is excellent for removing biofilm. 
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Dry Ice Production Equipment.

Cold Jet's dry ice pelletizers and reformers have been engineered to offer the greatest level of reliability and the highest density dry ice. Cold Jet's made-to-order and customizable product line is simple to operate, offering one-button start-up and shut down with no nurturing or adjusting, and are the only systems in the world that produce dry ice via a true extrusion method.  
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